Jun 27 2014

New Haven Feis Dance Stage Schedule Posted

Feis Feet


*** Revised Feis Stage Schedule (as of 6:00pm 6/28) Posted  **** Please go to the Festival Information tab under New Haven Feis for the dance stage schedule or go to right column under Feis Stage Schedule.




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Jun 26 2014

Children’s Sports Competitions

Saturday “Sports Competitions” 1:00-5:00 *** For Ages 5-12 *** Sign up at the Quad ***

Basketball….Gaelic Foot & Hurl 2Free throws ~

Football…..Farthest throw ~ 

Soccer……How many goals ~

Gaelic Football….How many points/goals ~

Hurling…..How many points/goals ~

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Jun 25 2014

Gaelic Youth Football

Football 8

Football 13New Haven Gaelic Youth Football


    Sunday, June 29, 10:00 am to 2:00 pm

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Jun 24 2014


Green Gates Ceili Band


June 28 ** Saturday Night Ceili **

7:00-10:00pm with the Green Gates Ceili Band


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Jun 24 2014

New Haven Feis

New Haven Feis

Sunday, June 29th ** Adjudicators and Musicians Announced **

Adjudicators:  Gail Casey, Roger Casey, Sheila Cloherty, Sheila Bremer, Maureen O’Leary, John Jennings, James Friel, Colleen Schroeder, Peggys Woods and Rowena Ryan

Musicians: Niall Mulligan, Katie Linnane, Michael Fitzpatrick, Ryan Dunn and Brian Glynn


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Jun 19 2014

Gaelic Football Game

Saturday, June 28, 6:00pm

NYPD Gaelic Footbal

NHGF&HC FootballNYPD Gaelic Football Team


NHGF&HC Gaelic Football Jr Team


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Jun 17 2014

Scavender Hunt

scavenger-huntSunday, June 29

12:00-2:00 and 3:00-5:00

For ages 5-12

Sign up at the Quad

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Jun 17 2014

Kickball Exhibition


In association with members of the New Haven Kickball

Saturday, June 28,

12noon – 5:00pm


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Jun 17 2014

Dart Tournament


In association with the New Haven Dart League

 Saturday, June 28, 1:00-5:00


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Jun 05 2014



Entertainment schedule has been posted…See the Festival Information tab / Entertainment for the days and times




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